Thursday, 13 March 2014

New Ways to Lose Weight

Not all of us, he can go to the gym on an ongoing basis, or to follow a diet and a regular practice without breaking the rule, in many cases happen to us the boredom of the permanent deprivation of food fat, despite the urgent desire to get the strength of Agile.

Making us looks for a new way to lose their excess calories without too much effort, while it some simple dietary habits can lose excess weight effortlessly.

Here are six new ways to lose excess weight without effort:

Choose red sauce color and not white

If you're a fan of white sauce pasta, it is not necessary to cover your plate completely with this sauce, because the stones are inherently contain high calories, then you should replace half the sauce precious white toothpaste tomatoes usual.

Cuisine that works to burn body fat fast, and try to stay away completely from eating textures such as mayonnaise, cream, and if you eat coveted and put it in a separate dish for dish your food, eat with a teaspoon of it with tomato paste, way to remove extra weight your body use fat loss factor program
Recipes few calories

Look for recipes are delicious ingredients at the same time low in calories, to serve as the main dishes in the usual list of your food.

At the very least, eat two meals twice per week, to be the beginning of a transformation system, your food unhealthy to a healthy and fun.

And do not even boredom of healthy meals, you have to choose meals made up of amounts grainy to yourself to give you a taste of your pet, with a choice of meals that make you feel full as long as possible.

Eating dairy products

Cut down on calories gained by eating dairy products daily, as an integral part of your menu, it has proved too many scientific studies that dairy magical effect on your system is vital.

Did you Lose Weight Faster in Winter Than Summer?

As a result of eating a lot of food in the winter, and the lack of movement due to the cold air collects blocks fatty body, and here begins the individual's search for a way to avoid this problem and eliminate them.

Therefore proven experts and researchers in the U.S. Department of Agriculture on the importance of white radish and effectiveness in melting fat and excess disposal, especially in the areas of obesity midwife and abdomen

The researchers stressed the importance of plant foods as the most important food and the best methods to enjoy agility, vitality and health, intake of fruits and vegetables not only helps in getting rid of obesity but also carries a lot of benefits for the heart and arteries.

weight loss : A professor of endocrinology and nutrition, the cause of weight gain in the winter, saying: "It is known that body temperature less than in the winter, begins with the individual to compensate this lack of foods with extra calories to feel the warmth, and this is a common mistake among people, especially the ladies., but is supposed to know fat burning rate per capita in the winter, first, because it is different from the summer and depending on the result of the individual knows what to eat?

It is known that weight loss in winter faster although difficult, unlike the summer to lose weight despite the slower of ease. There is another mistake is a lot of individuals, which rely on warm liquids and full of sugars for warmth, and this is not true fluids when they enter the human body takes the same body temperature, and the feeling of warmth as a result of these fluids, feeling my time is not permanent nor left nothing but high-calorie, which lies inside, especially drinks that contain sugars and nuts.

We must have a lot of vitamin C found in oranges, guava, it is protected from frequent colds, and strengthens the immune system, and also helps to oxidize fat within the body, as well as to give it a freshness and vitality to the body, and continue to eat green salad, and stay away completely for food and drinks, high-calorie.

Increase Your Activity Level And Increase The Rate Of Fat Burning. How?

So what do we do? The proper way to increase the rate of burning body fat?

First, we have to know that sleep early of the most important factors that increase the rate of fat burning

Second, eat every 3-5 hours until the body get used to the dates fixed by the burn stored fat

Third: Drink plenty of water 8-10 glasses a day gives your body adequacy of fluid and helps burn fat

Fourth, exercise, light and medium, which increase the amount of muscle gradually very early in the morning to help the body to regain its activity and get rid of the accumulated fat

Fifth: choose foods that help to increase the rate of fat burning like: chili, green tea, protein, Yogurt, grapefruit, tuna fish, coffee, broccoli, oats, almonds and unsalted nuts.

Note: preferably green tea in bulk because its usefulness higher and coffee natural such as Turkish or espresso, not instant coffee, which melt without the presence of residues, always choose any eating or drinking on the nature without additives or preservatives as well as natural yogurt and not the mixture abnormal.

So we put our bodies on the right track, where the body begins to respond and increases the rate of fat burning, which leads to weight loss gradually until it reaches the agility and thus enjoys good health.

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