Monday, 27 January 2014

A New Technique For The Treatment Of Erectile Dysfunction In Men

Statistics show that WHO is that the number of men with erectile dysfunction at the level of the world about 152 million man, and in the year 1995, and this number is expected to reach more than $ 330 million in 2025, and most of these guys are older than the age of forty.

It is important to know that the man who suffers from ED affected his life greatly, especially his sense of self-confidence, what affects it in his work and his home, and some men may feel ashamed or feeling that his manhood has been broken, because it is unable to give pleasure to his wife, just as it was before.

And the other party, a spouse may feel they are the cause of the problem; you may think they are no longer as beautiful as it was before, and they are not able to restore her husband and make him happy.

And the treatment of ED depends largely on understanding the nature of this disease, and since I started using Viagra, Calais, followed by real estate, there is more of an alternative treatment, such as injections effective topical medications, or even resort to surgery to implant prosthetic devices.

But there is a proportion of patients may suffer from side effects with these treatments, and some of them may be inappropriate for their health, especially heart patients who use the drug nitroglycerine. Some of them may not benefit the well result in severe deficiencies blood circulation in the penis, leading to the failure of the drugs that are used by mouth.

Also, all patients suffer and feel that many of these treatments are temporary, and in need of a definitive cure for this problem, and that the desire of every man to get things back to what it was before it gets ED.

If that happens, these men will feel that they have regained their confidence again, and they were able to lead a happy married life.
The afternoon of hope after the latest development, which announced at a medical conference in London a year ago, with the announcement of a new device has been used with great success in the treatment of disease, impaired ability in men, without the need for any drugs, which are based modern technology to expose the tissues anther to a set of shock waves Low intensity shock wave therapy

"shock waves of low frequency", and so repeatedly, and lead these shock waves to the secretion of substances Quad chemical urges the body to form new blood vessels, with the occurrence of a significant improvement in blood circulation in the fabric inside corpora cavernous of the penis.

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