Friday, 31 January 2014

. Get Rid Of TheProblems Of Lubrication In Hairs

Greasy hair is usually susceptible to many of the problems that may cause the corruption of its general appearance, especially when it looks shiny hair not because of its beauty and health, but due to saturation excess hair oils. So do not shorten in cleaning your hair down and rid it of such oils that may cause spoiling its appearance and in the fall, too.
Poetry infected the most damaging types of hair, especially as it hurt the scalp and increases the proportion of the crust as well as it ultimately leads to hair loss significantly.

Although the greasy hair may seem easy, but it is treatable and in fact requires the use of a high quality of strong and effective shampoos and other hair products that clean up has to be carefully selected in order to avoid increasing the proportion of lubrication hair.

If you're a fan of natural recipes here are a group of natural ingredients that you can follow in order to get healthy hair clean free of excess oils that may disturb your hair and beauty, so do not hesitate to follow any of the recipes deification, which you can renewal or a combination of two of them to get the best results.

Henna is not only used to change the color of hair, but there are many natural benefits that you can take advantage of them permanently without fear of affected hair and so devoid of any material henna CHEMICAL may damage the hair, as well as the effectiveness of henna in hair rid of excess oils.

A national mix 3 tablespoons of henna with two tablespoons of tea and leave mix throughout the night and then doing your hair the next day. Leave the mixture on your hair for a period ranging from 20-25 minutes and then wash your hair thoroughly with cold water and shampoo.

Will not play this recipe to rid your hair of excess oils, but it will also help to strengthen your hair prevents hair loss, and you'll notice the difference within two weeks.

Bring a box of cornstarch and add to it a tablespoon of hot water and two drops of lemon. Leave the mixture on your hair from 15-20 minutes before washing it with shampoo well. Repeat the recipe down and you'll notice the extent of improvement in your hair by lemon and impartiality of excess oils.

Plant Reitha:
From natural ingredients as well that may help you to get healthy hair clean free of oils or impurities using this plant. All you have to do is mix two tablespoons of powder with a little water and lemon juice.
Wash your hair mix and leave for a period ranging from 15-20 minutes. And featured in this recipe is that it will restore vitality to your hair and beauty, but it also will help you get rid of dandruff chronic problems dogging a lot of the ladies.

Egg whites:
Despite the refusal of many women use eggs on their hair, but they will turn to him when they find out the effectiveness of the egg whites to the hair.

Mix the egg whites with a small mint leaves, then mix Grease your hair and leave it for an hour before washing it well shampooed, even traces of egg and smell quickly and effectively.

By repeating this recipe several times, you will notice the return luster to your hair and is free of any excess oils as well as the egg whites will help strengthen the hair and thus prevent it from precipitation and stimulate growth naturally.

Finally you should note that the application of any of the following recipes will not happen any reciprocating harm your hair, but he does not need to avoid excessive repetition so as not to dry your hair.

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