Sunday, 26 January 2014

the importance of social participation

 Shy is a swindler and illegal when it comes to social participation.
 The aim of this study is not to denigrate or offend anyone, although many shy take such words with hurt and anger.
The fact is that every day the absence of individual participation to a project of a better society has become a cancer in human development.

Almost all were created for a ruthless competition, thirst for power and profit, is the fact that more evident: as the shy veiled flag is such a social and cultural project.

If even realize that a change of attitude would create a real personal and collective revolution, instead of being the bulwark of maintaining a structure aimed at distancing certainly hope would be lit again.
 If we reflect socially, our society lives in.

Veiled dictatorship, whose emblem: "Shut up if you do not want to have to miss work or your comfort and personal security"
 We become traders or sellers from all walks of existence, be it money, beauty or friendship.
Everyday passively assimilate all kinds of social injustice, and when there is some kind of protest, this usually has no social targeting, just a sudden burst of anger.

Shy takes this entire paradigm to the extreme, because their motto is laziness or indolence meet the arduous tasks that the world puts on all who wish to relate.

A curious question that remains to be clarified is how a society where the influence of others' opinions is so strong, a person can go unnoticed social charges?

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