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Universal prevention of viruses

A simple bed rest, rest, appropriate diet with plenty of fresh vitamins and stay in a warm environment is usually sufficient to make flu after a few days passed. But how to prevent it to you or you’re loved ones ever caught?
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Universal prevention
Since vermeil caused by various kinds of virus, it is not possible yet to develop an effective vaccine that would be able to protect against all.

Therefore, it is most efficient to rely on their own habits, most important of which is sufficient hygiene. Before we get to her, spell out a number of principles that protect against infection viral infection.

Especially at critical times is advisable to eat enough vitamins in their natural form, i.e. fresh fruits and vegetables.
At this time also the maximum Avoid places with large concentrations of people, typically inflated truck stop.
 Sufficiently warm dressing will also benefit. If it is in your vicinity sick person up, avoid direct contact with her. Other it is obviously the case if it is a member of the family.

In this case it is better to save it in a different room than everyone else is asleep, or.
Than isolate children who are more susceptible to disease. Also, more ventilate, use different glasses, towels, etc.
Clean Hands

Basic hygiene habits not only in times of increased incidence of viral infections are thorough and frequent hand washing. It is important to not only use warm water and soap, but also the correct technique. After soaping thoroughly rub hands together to produce foam.

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