Friday, 31 January 2014

Diet For Greasy Hairs

Is one of the reasons for increasing the oils of the skin and scalp, is to eat foods rich in saturated fats such as butter, cheese and dairy products, meat and fat so it is advisable to eat only small amounts of them, and quit fast food, which are a rich source of unhealthy fats.
At the same time I do not mind eating foods rich in essential fatty acids for the body, such as nuts and fish rich in fats Omega, whole grains, Lack of these healthy fats the body adversely affect the health of the scalp and hair, especially that the body cannot configured so ingested through food.

There is another type of fat should quit completely contrastive a fat, she will not have any health benefits but also lead to increased oil head.

These arise fat when undergoing natural vegetable oils in a chemical process called "hydrogenation" in order to prevent oxidation and corruption quickly so easy to use foods to live longer without the spoil, and are often found in margarine, fried foods, cakes, biscuits, wafers, chips and baked goods and foods canned.

Zinc intake at high rates
According to scientific research, the metal zinc contributes effectively to control the level of secretion of fat head. The sources of this mineral include many foods, including shellfish, red meat, poultry and oats.

Limit consumption of dairy products
Excess consumption of dairy products may lead to the lubrication of hair in some people, due to which contained milk.
Even ensure the continuation of the cow is in milk production, are vaccinated immediately after she gives birth, helping them to conceive again, and cells secrete hormones that help, and saturated milk output these hormones, including the male hormone androgen, which leads to increased secretion of fat head.

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