Monday, 27 January 2014

Try Coffee Blends Peel Shapers!

It is good news for coffee lovers, many of the people firing arrows gorging on coffee as harmful to the body but today. Its benefits in getting your ideal weight, it is through some of the tests that were conducted, demonstrated the results on the effectiveness of peel green coffee in slimming and weight loss, a condition not over addressed in order to avoid negative effects, because the caffeine in coffee helps to reduce excessive appetite, and roasting green coffee is working on the secretion of substances help to lose weight in a short period. What is important in that coffee husks help you avoid puff abdomen, and disposing of cellulite.

To get the result that you would like them to follow these methods and mixtures consisting of green coffee that helps you lose weight:

• Eat unroasted coffee beans a day, with a diet low in calories and fat.

• Mix one cup of ground coffee beans with a little warm water and olive oil. Then mix of massage the affected areas circular movements up, and leave for 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly with water.

This mixture is easy, disposing of cellulite.
• Mix two tablespoons of coffee husk with a tablespoon teaspoon cumin and green, with a pinch of sage in a pot of water on the fire.

Drink it daily Cuba. This mixture is disposing of the bloated abdomen.
• Nationalist mixing a teaspoon of coffee husk with a tablespoon of ground cardamom, sand, and add to them a tablespoon of ginger green. Pour in a pot of water on the fire to boil. Drink from Cuba every day.

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