Friday, 31 January 2014

Special Diet For Entrepreneurs Greasy Hair

You can through a healthy diet eliminate the problem of oily hair forever, it was that studies have shown that a large proportion of the problem of oily hair back to poor nutrition and excessive intake of unhealthy foods and saturated fats, which increase the activity in the head glands secreting oils.

Here's diet guide is dedicated to women with greasy hair and contributes to the reduction of the secretion of fatty oils scalp texture and get you healthy and beautiful hair.

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Eat foods rich in vitamin B
Vitamin B complex one the most important vitamins treatment to the problem of oily hair, which includes vitamins (B 1), (b 2), (6), has proven scientific research that communion saturated for B vitamins, especially vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) helps in the organization of the process of secretion of fat scalp and reduce the rate of oiling hair. Also pyridoxine (B6), in particular, reduces the appetite to eat high sugar, which is the other reason to be in the lubrication of the scalp, and this vitamin is available in legumes, meat, poultry, fish, fruit and vegetables.

Reduce the rate of sugar in your food
Studies indicate that eating simple carbohydrates that contain high sugar content such as sweets, jam and sugar food, degrade quickly during digestion and raises blood glucose rapidly, leading to activation of the pancreas to secrete the hormone "insulin" and injected into the blood in large quantities, and despite the fact that insulin is necessary the body to burn sugar and convert it to energy, but an increase in the proportion of insulin the body can cause an increase in the male hormone androgen and then increase the rate of skin secretion of sebum.

Hence, try eating complex carbohydrates that contain ratios less sugar and take a long time during digestion and raise the ratio of glucose to varying reasonable and do not cause high levels of insulin, the body's natural rate, such as vegetables non-starchy, legumes, grains, fruits, sterols, which takes a long time to be addressed, such as apples and carrots.

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