Sunday, 26 January 2014

Creating good experience from exercises

 Maybe he found out that he had everything.
* You are about soon, but I have some first evaluation of your motherhood by children?
I have but still not great. Bruno probably somewhere in the school discussed the word depression. For a moment he lay there, resting, as it says, and suddenly said, "I get it, you're my depression,

" I told him that I hoped it would come later.
 For Stella, it is not simple, it is tiny, but we have a similar temperament and because there is sometimes a conflict of energy. So I guess it will be challenging. It's our little dramatic artist with an endless need experience.

A creates an experience anytime, anywhere and for anything. Mainly to make something happen
 When I asked her what I mom, she said: "Good!" And some? She said: "Wicked!" And? I ask her: "Very nice." Well, thank you, Stella. "There is nothing to thank."

* And guess who will be the one, or the one who will come soon?
So far I have never missed the sex, I have dreams about it. For babies now I know who it will be.
 So far, it merely observes the ultrasound, it fascinates me.

 If I could, I would put up all the time. Sometimes such gestures would all say: Look at me, I java!
And sometimes you can be hands before his face and hides.
 Charles Livingston Review

 It's such a shy baby. And that's just ... I experience all those wonderful feelings, looking forward and fears, but I want them to live only with those concerned.

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