Monday, 27 January 2014

Argan Oil For Skin Beauty And Hair

Is the natural oil of the most important tributaries to nourish the skin and enjoyment of vitality and freshness, and Argan oil one of these oils, which offers many benefits for both skin and hair, and the most important of these benefits?

Moisturize the skin: Argan oil moisturizes the skin and fed vitamin E with distinction. And this oil is absorbed by the skin easily so you can on your face daily, in the morning before going to sleep.

• Rosy complexion: You can salt added to Argan oil, drops of orange blossom water or lemon juice to get the full pink color.

• Fight against aging: Argan oil contains vitamin E which protects the skin from signs of aging. In this context, can you bring the following mixture of Argan oil for anti-aging: Mix in a bowl and a spoon of lemon juice 0.3 teaspoons of yogurt, a tablespoon of honey with 3 drops of Argan oil? Put this mixture daily on your face for 10 minutes and you'll notice the difference with time.

• Supple skin: add a small amount of Argan oil cream base, which for daily makeup and get more freshness on the skin.

• Conditioner: Argan oil is used shampooing normal balm nourishing for the skin, in addition to that it offers a gloss of hair, after a shower, put a few drops of Argan oil on wet hair to maintain its luster and smoothness.

• Development nails: Apply Argan oil on your tips for 10 minutes a day for nail and nutrition

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